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Black History Month Spotlight: Lisa Smith

Lisa R. Smith received her bachelor’s in business administration and her master’s in public administration from North Carolina Central University.  Lisa has been employed by the City of Durham for 27 years and has 25+ years of experience in Project Management. 

She worked as an Equal Opportunity/ Equity Assurance Specialist for the department of Equal Opportunity/Equity Assurance from August 1996 – April 1999.  She was promoted to Construction Project Manager with Parks and Recreation department in April 1999.  Also, she was promoted to Senior Construction Project Manager in June 2003 with General Services Department.  Lisa is the first Black woman and woman to be hired as a Senior Construction Project Manager with the City of Durham.

Lisa manages multiple projects with various Departments and Community Agencies.  Her specific areas of interest include project management and oversight of the design and construction of building improvements and major maintenance projects.  She performs oversight and management of multiple and/or large, complex and high-profile construction and design projects for various City departments and Community Agencies.

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