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Meet Our 2023 Scholarship Recipient: Ellie Reimer

The NAWIC Founders’ Scholarship Foundation (NFSF) assists in providing the construction industry with trained employees through higher education. The construction industry encompasses almost every professional discipline, including trades, project management, administrative, legal, financial, insurance, and business owner.

We are proud to announce the Triangle Chapter winner of the NFSF, Ellie Reimer. Ellie grew up in the Centerville, VA, area, but is now living in Raleigh, NC where she is studying Civil Engineering at NC State. We asked Ellie a couple questions about how she got into the Construction industry and what her future plans entail. Congratulations, Ellie, we are happy to support you in your journey!

How did you become interested in Construction?

My interest in construction was initially sparked by the involvement of two family members in the industry and by growing up in an area with numerous roadway projects, I was drawn to the tangible impact construction had on my home and community. I was also drawn to the idea of a career that would allow me to be active and in the field and avoid being confined to an office all day.

What are your career goals?

I aim to begin my career in the field, either as a construction inspector or field engineer. Over time, I hope to become a project manager, specializing in heavy civil projects, particularly focused on bridge and highway construction.

Why did you choose your major/program?

I selected my major to explore various avenues within construction and design, providing myself with diverse career opportunities. NC State’s Undergrad Civil Engineering degree has two different senior design projects and I liked how I had the opportunity to pick which path I was more interested in than others.

What lessons have you gained from your internships?

The most important lessons I have learned from my internships is the significance of teamwork and effective communication for a project to be executed well. At all of my internships there has been some type of integration of technological advancements and as always communication with either the client, designer, architect, subcontractor, or general contractor and it has really emphasized for me the importance of a company’s culture and one that emphasizes accountability, growth, and mutual support. All of these factors not only elevate the efficiency of a project but create a more motivating and positive work environment.

What activities are you involved in?

I serve as the treasurer of the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE), volunteer with Girls Engineering Change (GEC), and participate in the National Parks Club at NC State.

What drives you?

I am driven by the potential to make a meaningful impact. Whether it’s increasing female representation in the industry or contributing to projects that benefit multiple generations, the opportunity to effect positive change propels me forward.

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